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A milestone in our history !!!

Published on April 26, 2016 under News
A milestone in our history !!!

We are floating on air for why we have successfully done 102 street dog sterilization up to now. As a newborn and wee organisation we are on cloud nine to blow our own trumpet that we could do a great task within a short period of time for the welfare of animals (5 Dec, 2015 to 20 April, 2016). We out-speak our one-fold and warmest heartfelt thanks to our bigwigs: donors, volunteers, vets, staff and well-wishers whose yeoman’s service is truly appreciated. We are fortunate to have you and your daily inquiries let us know how much you cared. We look forward to seeing your unfailing support and aid in the way to become a victorious organization for the welfare of animals.


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