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Bark India is a small independent registered charitable trust operating in Pondicherry, South India. Our evolution came as a direct result of four like minded animal loving friends who have worked in the animal welfare/rescue sector for many years, both here in India and also in the UK bringing together our knowledge and expertise. We met whilst managing an animal rescue centre/sanctuary in Kerala, South India. Here we gained further experience in the animal welfare field.

The name Bark India was chosen in memory of a little canine friend of ours that we named “Barkie”. Barkie came into our care with a chronic skin complaint which had also caused internal infections. Even in his terrible condition he still managed to wag his tail when greeted by us. We worked effortlessly to try to and


nurse him back to full health, with 24hr care and observation being given. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts Barkie lost his fight and sadly passed away. Barkie touched our hearts and made a big impression on our future.

Whilst visiting Pondicherry we recognised that our combined skills/knowledge were needed to give care and treatment to the local street dogs and animals. Thus “Bark India” was registered in Pondicherry.

Whilst we are a small charitable trust our hearts are big and our work is ensuring that Pondicherry street dogs and animals are watched, cared for and treated where required. We also sterilise and vaccinate the street dogs before returning them. This action will help humanely reduce the number of the street dog and also help to reduce the number of rabies cases in both humans and dogs alike.

We also offer food, shelter, clothing and medical care to the aged homeless people of Pondicherry.

Our Mission


  • To give voice, care and hope to the stray dogs and animals of India by Eradicating rabies from the local area by implementing the AR (Anti Rabies) programme on the street dog population as well as organising Anti Rabies vaccinations camps for owned dogs in the surrounding areas.
  • Humanly reducing, by sterilisation, the street dog population of Pondicherry by following the ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme.
  • Offering mobile dog sterilisation camps to owned dogs in the local villages.
  • Educating the local people of the benefits of implementing the ABC/AR programme.
  • Serving by way of rescue, treat, rehabilitate, release or re-home any dog in need of the services offered by Bark India.
  • Serving by way of rescue, treat and release any wild animal/bird in need.
  • Giving advice, skills and the knowledge needed to empower the local people to practise good animal husbandry and pet ownership.
  • Promoting animal welfare through education in schools.
  • Working with other like minded individuals and organisations for the benefit of the street dogs and other animals.
  • Reporting to the local Police or Authority’s, anyone we suspect of committing an animal cruelty offence according to the animal welfare laws of India.
  • To offer food, shelter, clothing and medical care to the homeless people of Pondicherry.
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