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Mobile Treatment

Our mobile treatment vehicles are out on the roads of Pondicherry on a daily basis. We identify dogs that can be treated “On the spot” for various conditions/injuries. Skin complaints are common as are fleas and small wounds. Treating the dogs on the street means that our kennels are kept clear for more serious conditions/injured dogs and also for the dogs undergoing sterilisation.

Treating a dog on the street is low stress for the dog and recovery can be quicker.

We are also reliant on the people of Pondicherry to act as our eyes and ears, by informing us of any dog/animal that may be in need of our care.

As well as treatment, we also offer a feeding programme, looking out for dogs that are suffering from malnutrition; we initially feed daily and then gradually reduce to 2-3 times a week. This encourages the street dog not to become reliant on our feeding programme.

When we are satisfied that the dog has gained enough weight, the feed programme stops. We currently have two vehicles for “On the spot” treatment, one ambulance and one scooter for accessing the narrow roads and areas.

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