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A message from our patron Alesha Dixon, Singer and TV Personality

Bark India is a charitable trust that is caring for the street dogs and animals of Pondicherry, South India. Being an animal lover and having grown up with pet dogs in my family home, animal welfare has always been close to my heart.  I was first made aware of Bark India by my Mother who follows Bark India’s important welfare work on their Facebook page. Their day to day caring activities involve feeding, treating, sterilising and vaccinating the street dogs locally to them. So, when I was approached by Bark India and asked if I would consider becoming their official Patron it was a role that I happily accepted given, my love for all animals

Bark India’s work is selfless. By implementing the ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies) programme, they are making a positive impact in humanely reducing the street dog population and at the same time vaccinating the dogs against rabies. These combined measures make the local areas safer for dogs and humans alike. Forever homes are found for the more vulnerable/ disabled dogs by way of adoption.

With thousands of street dogs in Pondicherry, Bark India’s work will be both needed and ongoing for years to come. Please take the time to read the stories on their latest news/Facebook page. You can follow them on Twitter @Barkindia2083 or Facebook page “Bark India Charitable Trust“.

Most importantly, Bark India can only continue its amazing good work with your support. Please contact Bark to find out how you can help this fantastic charitable trust.

Alesha Dixon

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