Sponsor An Animal

While we release all healthy animals back to their places after treatment, sterilisation and vaccinations, there are many unfortunate ones who cannot go back to their places as they are unfit to live outside. Some are abandoned mercilessly by their owners. Even though we do not have a shelter, sometimes there is no option left but to keep them with us with all love and care we can offer them. Here you can help them by sponsoring their food and medical expenses for a year.

Daddy – A Real Warrior 

Daddy- An old stray dog rescued as fully paraplegic from Saram, Puducherry. Daddy was completely paralysed with his both hind legs, unable to move or walk, admitted at Bark India rescue centre, with at most sad condition. With all the hope, his medications, physiotherapy, walk training, muscle stimulation and love, Daddy started walking on his 4 legs.

Being 13+ aged, the dog is unable to be released to his place and he lives in the rescue centre as the senior pawszen. His one eye sight was fully gone by the time he was rescued as the eye got cut. Daddy enjoys his new happy and comfortable life roaming around with his new friends. Here you can sponsor his food, medical and vaccination expenses for a year.

Watch his recovery video on https://www.instagram.com/reel/CkmyvhUh18X/?igshid=Yzg5MTU1MDY=


Germu- Heart-warming Story of a German Shepherd

This German shepherd dog was found at Puducherry as his owner abandoned him on street. Living in the comfort of a home for many years, the dog was not able to find his own food or shelter on street. Facing the hardships of being a stray dog, he faced abuses from human and his behaviour changed out of fear and anxiety. 

He was a highly aggressive dog when we rescue him to Bark India with a huge maggot wound developed all over his head. Through medication and love, his behaviour towards familiar people around started improving. After treatment, castration and vaccinations, we have tried a lot to find out a home for him but no one wanted a one eyed dog of imperfections.  As there was no option left, Germu was shifted to our premises for a free life. After a few weeks of uncertainties, he started come out in search of new places and fur- friends. 

He lives a joyful and playful life at Bark India.

Please click the below link to sponsor Germu for a year.
Mongi- An abandoned sweet girl

Mongi was abandoned in-front of Bark India, with a huge myiasis on shoulder. She was a pet dog whose owner’s refused to take care of a small wound that developed as a big wound of maggots. Our team found her run crying through the way beside our rescue centre. Out of fear, anxiety, pain and irritation of the wound, the dog was caught by our rescue team and given admission in. 

After a few days posting her story on social media, some people from her area came to see her claiming they know the dog and would take her back once the treatment over. Even though we tried hard to contact them on the given numbers, there was no response from their side. No adoption request came to be true even though we still try to find her a home after many years. 

The spayed, vaccinated and healthy girl resides at Bark India happily. Here you can sponsor Mongi’s food and yearly vaccinations costs.


Bluebell- A canine distemper survivor

Bluebell was abandoned with her siblings at Moratandi, Tamil Nadu, with her siblings, when they were babies. Some of her siblings died in road accidents and diseases, Bluebell survived the hardships for an awaited road accident. Her front leg got fractured in the accident and affected with canine distemper. 

She survived both Canine Distemper and her leg fracture got cured.  Altogether her treatment time took nearly 3 months. With twitching of canine distemper, she could not survive outside; hence we decided to keep her at our premises. She stays in, goes out and roams around with her fur – friends. With continuous twitching of mouth, her teeth are flat but with little special care, she lives a happy life at Bark India, apart from the occasional mouth infections that attacks her. You can sponsor her food expenses and contribute to medical expenses.


Jaada- A girl who survived tortures of life

This 13 old girl had been taken care by a foreign family who used to live in India. When they had no other options but to leave the country, they left Jaada under the care of some local people. They used to support to meet Jaada’s expenses but had not been cared well by the new people. Due to old age, her skin became sensitive and prone to wounds. Many times her skin issues developed wounds and, as a result, maggots. 

One of her eye’s sight started diminishing and we used to treat her on spot. Once we understood she cannot have a better life as a street dog, Jaada was brought to Bark India by our team. Her maggot wounds are healed, vaccinated and she befriended herself with other dogs at the centre. With special care, food, medicines, bath and vitamin supplements, her health and skin are maintained. Her one eye sight is lost due to cataract and other eye also partially blind now. But she just makes her life happy and comfortable in her new space.

Puppy- The happy girl
Puppy was brought to Bark India from Pondicherry town when she was literally a small puppy of 2 months old, in 2016. She was unable to stand or move as the result of a vehicle hit on her hind legs. With physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and medications, she started improving in a few days and made betterment in 3 months. She could not be sent back to her as there are nervous issues. 

With no scope of adoption, we kept her under our care, and she grown up as a beautiful girl. Due to the nervous issue, Puppy still cannot walk properly as her legs do not obey her wish. She makes circular motions and runs with incardinated movements. She is a very happy and energetic girl even though she does not prefer to mingle with other dogs. Staying alone in our building balcony and free to go anywhere else outside. 

Here is how you can donate something more positive to Puppy’s life.