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Animal Birth Control

Here at Bark India we follow the World health Organisation (WHO) and the Animal Welfare Board of India’s (AWBI) guidelines to humanely reduce the street dog population of India by implementing the ABC/AR programme. This involves identifying the street dogs that are of age and healthy enough to undergo surgery for sterilisation. At the same time we vaccinate the street dog against rabies.

The benefits of implementing the ABC/AR are as follows:

  • Continued reduction in the amount of street dogs, making the streets safer for humans.
  • Lesser cases of rabies in dogs and therefore humans as well.
  • Improved health of the female dogs as they are not constantly going through stressful pregnancies.
  • Reduced incidents of aggression and fighting between male dogs.
  • Less aggression shown towards humans.
  • Reduction in the risk of Transmissible Venereal Tumours (TVT), uterine/testicular tumours.

Our rescue team work methodically to reduce the street dogs population by working in one area at a time. Once we are satisfied that our work has been achieved, we then move on to the neighbouring area and so on.

The ABC/AR programme is not an overnight solution, but it is a humane solution, our ABC/AR programme will be ongoing for many a year to come. But the benefits will be almost instant.

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