Looking for families who would like to adopt an Indie dog,cat or abandoned non-Indie breed dog.

Emergency Rescue


Bark India will endeavour to answer and respond to all rescue calls from Pondicherry and nearby areas of Tamil Nadu to help sick/injured stray animals. Rescue and treatment service is available only to ownerless stray animals who needs immediate medical attention. 

Animal Birth Control


All the rescued animals get sterilised and fully vaccinated after their recovery from sickness/injury. 

Latest Updates

Barkie – Our Bark India Story


The name Bark India was chosen in memory of a little canine friend of ours that we named “Barkie”. Barkie came into our care with a chronic skin disease which had also caused internal infections. Even in his terrible condition he still managed to wag his tail when greeted by us. We worked effortlessly to try to and nurse him back to full health, with 24hour care and observation. Unfortunately, despite of all our efforts Barkie lost his fight and left this world making a forever impact in our lives that caused us to start Bark India Charitable Trust to help the thousands of ownerless and helpless animals like Barkie who needs human love and medical care. 

Whilst visiting Pondicherry we recognised that our combined skills/knowledge were needed to give care and treatment to the local street dogs and animals. Thus “Bark India” was registered in Pondicherry.


Whilst we are a small charitable trust our hearts are big and our work is ensuring that Pondicherry street dogs and animals are watched, cared for and treated where required. We also sterilise and vaccinate the street dogs before returning them. This action will help humanely reduce the number of the street dog and also help to reduce the number of rabies cases in both humans and dogs alike.

We also work with the provisions of food, shelter, clothing and medical care to the aged homeless people of Pondicherry, though our primary focus is on being the voice of the voiceless beings.