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Animal welfare and charity- Rescue, Treatment, Adoption and Animal Feeding

We are thankful to all for the year 2021 in which Bark India Charitable Trust was able to help many more animals than the previous year, by providing medical care, homes, and all about the welfare of street animals.                  Kindly contribute to the animal rescue charity and...

WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

2 weeks Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme was conducted at Bark India Charitable Trust , in association with Worldwide Veterinary Service ( WVS ) India- International Training Centre. 4 veterinary doctors and 3 veterinary assistants are trained for Animal Birth Control Surgery, according to international standards.   Strated on 23rd , August, 2021 to...

Dog feeding

It was around a week ago when our team members came to Pondicherry University to rescue an animal in distress (TVT case) and also to vaccinate some pups. However, what we saw jolted us badly and made us stop in our strides – the condition of the dogs on campus was heart wrenching to say...

stray dog feeding

Feed Starving Strays! Donate Today

The whole country is facing acute problems of increased Covid 19 cases and rigorous lockdown.  Around 40-45 million stray dogs in India who are depended on human resources  of food waste, are starving during lockdown in the absence of restaurants and people who used to feed. Many parts of the country are facing rigid lockdown...

Thank you for volunteering

Volunteer Veterinarian – Veterinarians are welcome

Much thanks to Dr. Ruokuoneinuo Yhome from Kohima, Nagaland, for your valuable and dedicated time you spent for volunteering in Bark India Veterinary hospital and rescue centre. She had been at Bark India for 10 days in helping animal treatment and caring.  Thanks to your commitment and dedication in caring the sick stray animals. Your...

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