Why should an Indian dog? Here you are !

  • Loyal and devoted
  • Intelligent and can be trained easily
  • Friendly to humans and to other animals
  • Unique in appearance
  • Agile and active 
  • Individuality and immunity
  • Adapted to tropical climates
  • Independent and adjusted to city life
  • Good health and resistance
  • Incredible watch dogs
  • Needs least grooming and no special food


What else?! And they offer,

  • Companionship and loyalty
  • Happiness and protection
  • Unconditional love 
  • Stress Relief and emotional betterment
  • Exercise

And much more, so go on, give a dog a home!

Are you looking for a dog/puppy /kitten to adopt as a your family member?Are you someone who is compassionate and can offer your commitment towards the life of an animal? Here we are to help you. 

We always have animals up for adoption. The rescued animals shall be available for adoption once their medical care is over.  Puppies/ kittens/ cats/ abandoned non-mongrel dogs who are unable to go back and survive back in streets have to find forever happy homes as they can not stay with us once the medical care iss done and they are healthy. By adopting an animal, you are making an immediate positive impact in helping us to humanly reduce the street dog population of Pondicherry. By choosing an Indian dog you are also helping to combat the unlicensed foreign breed dog traders, who sadly give little or no care to the dogs and see them only as a money making machine and then dump them by the roadside when they are no longer useful.

The Indian dog, unlike foreign breed dogs, has evolved over many years within India and is therefore fully suited to our local climate and environment. This makes them eligible for a happy and healthy pet.

Since we are a charitable trust, our service will concerned only of sick street animals so that we don’t take any healthy street puppies or unwanted pets for adoption. We take only sick street puppies and other street animals for treatment and will make them up for adoption once they are alright. All of our dogs that are up for adoption are vaccinated against rabies and these puppies will be sterilised free of charge at 6 months of age. We do not have a shelter and never takes/ keeps animals in forever. 

Also we will be happy to help you for the adoption of healthy animals of your concern , through our contacts, facebook page and website, if you send the photos and status of such animals.