Awareness Matters

What we do

Animal rights and welfare has been one of the concerns of human life since we are a civilised group of animals. So the duty to care for and protect their life is bestowed upon us. Co-existence of humans and animals is inevitable for a better social life. Compassion and consideration should be given to all animals that live under our mercy. Animal cruelties can be reduced/ removed only through proper awareness. Only a kind and compassionate generation can make hope for a better world tomorrow. Humanity has to be the voice of those who have no voice. Make the children aware is the best way to create a hopeful, good generation who can bring a lot of goodness to animals, society and humans.

Our endeavour in making a more generous generation has been started with great enthusiasm . So far we could make huge impact among children through spreading awareness among them. Through awareness classes and programmes, the growing generation becomes aware of the necessity of an animal friendly society, animal cruelties, co-operative existence, kindness and compassion, ways to tackle the conflicts between humans and animals- like dog bite and all.


What you can do

The best thing we can do for the coming generations is awareness. Let’s make the children aware about the need of human-animal- environmental co-existence to create a hopeful, good generation who would bring a lot of goodness to society, humans and animals.

Do you have a compassionate mind to help animals and to create a world of goodness? Are you connected with schools, colleges or institutes in anyway ? Do you think you can help us to make more awareness among children and those who need to be aware? Can you connect us to them for an awareness programme? 

Please don’t hesitate to do what you can for the voiceless. Avoiding animal cruelty by giving proper awareness is better than treating the mistreated animals by humans.