Donate today to support us to help animals

Are you able to donate something required for the voiceless street animals? Would you help them to have a better life by making a donation?

Will you be kind enough to support us to help the needy street animals by donating to our bank account? You can be a regular monthly donor or a one time donor to be the cause of the medical treatment and care of our animals that desperately need your help.

You will be able to get income tax exception for the donation amount you make for us under 80G recognition.

Remember that every single rupee helps us and goes directly for the care and medical treatment of animals that need immediate support.



Dear Donor, 

Your support is precious to our voiceless being’s medical care and welfare. Please dont let it taxable without providing the details. Your details are mandatory to get you tax exemption and help us to issue the 80G receipt as per the Income tax rules form 10BD and 10BE.

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Unique Registration Number – URNo. AACTB6191MF20212/05/18-19/T-0987/80G DATED 02-10-2021


Sponsor a cat for a month
There are thousands of homeless cats who have no owner to take care of. By donating, you are helping a rescued sick cat to get good, healthy food for one month which would help them for speedy recovery from illness. It also includes the vaccination and sterilsation of the cat after treatment. 
You are going to make changes in the entire life of a cat. 

₹ 1200/-


Help for a general cause

Are you ready to source a difference in the life of a voiceless fellow animal? 

Make a small donation to help the animals who are in need. Your donation will be used for their welfare. It includes the treatment of birds and feeding of starving street animals. 
They can not do it for themselves. 
Let’s help the needy. 

₹ 500/-

Sponsor food of a rescued dog for 1 month
Good food is the very base of good health. An average of 50-80 animals get rescued by us in a month. By donating, you are helping us to feed a rescued dog for one month. It helps the dog to get back to good health with nutritious food and makes the healing faster.  
You are going to be the reason of one dog’s speedy recovery 


  ₹ 950/-

Sponsor food for a puppy
Rescued puppies at our rescue centre are some among the most unfortunate puppies. They are sick / malnutritioned/ wounded at the age when other healthy puppies play and enjoy with their siblings and mother. Baby animals require special care ,food , toys and comfortness to stay. 
Most of the puppies we rescue, are wounded or affected with deadly diseases like Parvo or Canine Distemper.  Your sponsorship help us to get them special and nutricious puppy food.
Be happy about the fact you are here about to help them by sponsoring a puppy’s food for the period of his/her treatment. 


Feed all animals of Rescue Centre
“We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”- Winston Churchill
Here you are to sponsor one-day full feeding of all the  rescue centre animals  including stray dogs, cats, and birds are benefiting from it. Every day we have 70-90 animals  being admitted at the centre from various parts of Pondicherry and nearby Tamil Nadu areas. Food varies from species to species and animals who have malnutrition need special food and attention. Your support helps all the animals admitted at the rescue centre and also the regular feeding.   
You are going to be the reason for their happy faces and satisfied stomachs. 

₹ 1000/-

Sponsor treatment of an animal
You are here to help a rescued animal who is undergoing medical treatment at Bark India rescue centre and the hospital. 70-110 animals get rescued and without public support, we would not be able to give them the best possible care. Monthly Bark India rescues only street animals who have no one to take care of. The rescued animals include dogs, cats ,birds or any ownerless animal. They get treatment, food, shelter and care till they completely recover. Recovery period varies from 1 week to – 6 weeks . Your support contributes to all their medical expenses.  We make sure they receive the best.  

₹ 1800/-

Sponsor a rescued animal ( Treatment, food, sterilsation and vaccination)
In a world where less people care, be the one who care the most. 
 Yes you are doing a great deed  by sponsoring a rescued animal. It includes medical care, vaccination and sterilisation when the animal ( dogs and cats) recover from sickness. In case of baby animals, your donation goes for special foods, Anti-Rabies and multi antigen vaccinations and adoption. 
Rescued animals take 1-6 weeks for recovery depend on their sickness. Your single donation change their entire life. Isn’t it a great feel to be the cause of changing someone’s life who can give you nothing else back but love? 
They need you the most. 

₹ 3000/-

Sponsor the surgery of a dog /cat
Life in street and wandering for food makes the life of strays more complicated and struggling. 
They undergo a series of complicated health conditions that require medical surgeries. Our veterinary team is dedicated to offer the best service for the stray animals to help their lives. Several animals undergo life-changing surgeries, from complex orthopedic procedures to vital spaying and neutering surgeries, each intervention not only improves the individual animal’s quality of life but also contributes to our broader mission of promoting animal welfare.  All the animals receover get fully vaccinated ( both multi-antigen and anti-rabies) before they go back to their places. Complex surgeries like tumor removal or orthopedic pinning etc may require 1-2 months of admission to recover fully. 
You are here to help a dog/cat forever for its life by sponsoring its surgical, post-op care till recovery and vaccination expenses.  

₹ 2500/-

Sponsor vaccinations of a puppy
Being stray animals who live in streets without getting nutritious food and basic medical care like deworming and vaccinations, they are often subjected to diseases like parvo virus, canine distemper etc.  Your donation helps a puppy to get vaccinated against rabies, 1 DHPPIL vaccine and 1 booster vaccine to protect the dog from seven deadly diseases including Canine Distemper, Parvovirus enteritis, Hepatitis, CAV-2 and Parainfluenza virus and Leptospirosis. It ensures their immunization. You can help a dog to get a healthy life by making this donation. Yes one life is going to  be healthy. 

₹ 1000/-

Remember that every rupee helps us and goes directly for the care and treatment of the dogs and other animals in our care.


Account Number : 67337435579




IFSC Code : SBIN0070601.



For more information regarding transfer contact [email protected] , Mob: +91 94870 07552

Donations of other items

Bark India is also in need of other necessary items for animals such as


Medicines Feeding  Cleaning items Other items
  • Latex gloves
  • Examination/surgical gloves
  • Flea spray
  • De-worming tablets
  • Cotton wool
  • Veterinary supplements
  • Rice
  • Dog biscuits 
  • Dog chews
  • Buckets
  • Wash brushes
  • Brooms
  • Disinfectant 
  • Dog leads
  • Unwanted clothing items 
  • Blankets and towels
  • Newspapers
  • Dog/cat crates/carriers


No help is small. Animals need you the most.