Become a Foster Parent

Why fostering is necessary?

Want to make the world a better place in one easy step? Take home a foster pet from our centre.

Fostering means bringing any animal or a  homeless pet to your home. – with the goal of nurturing them for a while until they can be sent to a permanent home with a family who’ll love them forever.

It’s a crucial part of the animal rescue world. It’s also amazing, for you and for the animals. Here’s why:

  • Foster pets would learn they are loved
  • You would feel greater and better
  • It is usually fun for your pets too
  • You are saving lives.
  • Your children will have a more compassionate heart
  • You help others to learn kindness and generosity. 
  • Fostering would help you heal

Fostering an animal is a great GIFT and act of KINDNESS. The animal holds a special place in your heart and you make a world of difference in their lives.

How to be a foster parent?

We are always looking out for kind hearted people who can offer one of our puppies or adult dogs a foster home. Sometimes after treatment, an adult dog needs to be recovered so respite care is crucial.  Fosterers get an enormous sense of wellbeing by helping a four legged friend in need. By becoming a foster parent, you are making a positive contribution to society, Bark India and more importantly to an animal’s life.

By bringing up an animal home, you are freeing up our kennel space and therefore enabling us to treat more dogs.  Some other benefits of fostering a dog/ cat are,

  • You are saving a life on the street that lives at the mercy of passing vehicles, bad weather and cruel humans. 
  • You get to be cuddled, licked, and loved by a baby who thinks the world is you. 
  • You get to pamper, love, pet, cuddle and play with a bundle of joy. 
  • You get to see the change as those initially fearful and wary eyes turn to trust and love, the moment they look at you. 
  • You get all the benefits of owning a puppy without making a lifelong commitment, but the commitment of saving a life. 
  • The best part is you get to do your bit from the comfort of your own house which helps us in a huge way.
  • Fostering puppies can be a great way of relieving stress and also will encourage the fosterer to take exercise, which is can only be good for oneself.

If you have a kind heart enough to foster a baby / adult animal, please make contact with us today. We always have animals for fostering.

Just make a call and give a dog a home on 9487007552 or email us at [email protected]

By fostering you help us to free up more space that would help us to rescue more needy animals who want medical attention.