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We are always looking out for kind hearted people who can offer one of our puppies or adult dogs a foster home. Sometimes after treatment, an adult dog needs to convalesce so respite care is crucial.  Fosterers get an enormous sense of wellbeing by helping a four legged friend in need. By becoming a foster carer you are making a positive contribution to Bark India and more importantly to a dog’s life.

Fostering a dog is very rewarding and is only a short term commitment. By offering a foster home you are freeing up our kennel space and therefore enabling us to treat more dogs.

Fostering puppies can be a great way of relieving stress and also will encourage the fosterer to take exercise, which can only be good for oneself.

If you think that you have the heart, compassion and dedication to become a fosterer; then please make contact with us today.

Pick up the phone and give a dog a home 9487007552 or email us at

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