Rescue Programme


Bark India will endeavour to answer and respond to all rescue calls and provide medical care when needed. We act as fast as we can for the injured and sick animals from the street. Our well experienced and quick action  rescue team is efficient in work with rescue van and all the required equipments to support the animal for the rescue. It makes sure of the safety of the animals to be taken to our hospital. Our well established veterinary hospital and experienced doctors get the needy animals treatment.

We are able to act quickly for the rescue of dogs/animals that have serious injuries or bad health conditions. Our service is only for the street dogs/animals and NOT for privately owned pets.

Feeling responsible for animals? Here you can help.

Dont you think that along with us you also have the responsibility towards the animals who lives around us? Do you have a compassionate heart enough to take a needy animal to our centre? Do you have a vehicle for transportation? 

As a registered NGO, we may not be very much available for a rescue in case of an attendance of another emergency rescue. A responsible human being has the duty to take care of the animals who are helpless and voiceless. Please spare some time and take an injured animal to our hospital when you see them injured on the streets. Treatment of a street animal is completely free. We do free sterilisation and vaccination also once they come back to normal health and they will be released at the same place from they have taken.

Just take some moments and give them a hand. Because that may change the whole world of an animal. Your single act of kindness may help them to survive.

If you see a sick or injured dog/animal then please call us immediately von 9487007552 or mail us at [email protected]