About Us

Our Mission

Be the voice, to give care and hope to the stray dogs and animals of India by,

  • Help the sick/injured/wounded stray animals by rescuing and providing medical care.
  • Implementing Animal Birth Control surgeries and anti-rabies vaccination  (ABC-AR) programme to the rescued animals, after their treatment, to humanely control the stray dog population to keep them healthy, and to reduce the increasing human-animal conflicts. 
  • Prevention of cruelty to animals in co-operation with other NGO’s, police, law, government and the public.
  • Promotion of animal welfare and humane education programmes in community, schools, colleges and where ever the need is.
  • Provide veterinary care for sick street animals including birds and pet animals through our veterinary hospital and rescue centre and medical camps.
  • Provide food, medical care, sterilization and vaccination for disabled, sick, ill treated and abandoned animals.
  • Make sure of the best possible medical care to the pet animals at our hospital. 
  • To rescue only the needy, sick and ownerless animals who are wounded, sick or have serious diseases which needs immediate medical care.
  • Provide free medication, food care and stay till recovery.
  • To promote awareness on animal rights and to promote the adoption of Indian dogs.
  • To create a co-existing and balanced human-animal-environment friendly society.

Awards and Achievements

  • Participation in National Dog Welfare Conference -2013 (Organised by Dog Trust)
  • Certificate in Animal Birth Control Project Management-2014 (By Worldwide Veterinary Service)
  • Membership in Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations-2016 
  • Pondicherry Samuga Uravukal Viruth Vila -2018
  • Seva Rathina Award-2018 (By Global Achievers Council & International Peace University)
  • Animal Welfare Board of India Recognition -2019
  • Shining World Compassion Award – International Award- 2020

About Us

Bark India is a small independent registered charitable Trust and a Non- Governmental Organisation operating in Pondicherry and its surroundings, South India. Our evolution came as the direct result of four likeminded animal loving friends who were working in an animal rescue centre/ sanctuary in Kerala from where we could gain much experience in animal welfare and made ourselves expertise in the field.

Whilst visiting Pondicherry we recognised that our combined skills/knowledge was needed for the betterment of animal-human-environmental co-existence, by giving care and treatment to the local street dogs and stray animals. The decision to contribute our best to animals, nature and thereby to society made us register the NGO “Bark India Charitable Trust” on 18 August, 2015 in Pondicherry.

Though we run as a small charitable Trust, our hearts are big and our work ensures that street dogs and other stray animals are watched, cared for and treated when required in and around Pondicherry. We also sterilise and vaccinate the street dogs against rabies before returning them to their original habitat in our well-established veterinary hospital. This helps for the humanely reduction of the number of street dog and also the number of rabies cases in both dogs and humans. Along with it, our educational awareness programmes, feeding, support to human welfare organisations, environmental protection activities, etc. help us to create an ecologically sound condition. We are completely a Non-Profit Organization which is dedicated towards the cause of needy animals. We are an experienced team in animal welfare more than eight years before the starting of Bark India. Our full time doctor and trained staff are good in handling the rescued animals.

As a feather to our cap we have got the membership of FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations) on 2, November 2016. It was a great honour and appreciation for our work, to receive Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) recognition on 22, January 2019 on our way to growing up, leading us to one of the most accepted and best NGOs in Pondicherry.