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Animal Rescue Charity- Help Stray Animals in India

Here is how Bark India’s month of June,2023 went in helping animals. Thanks to everyone who supported us with monetary and in-kind donations for sick stray animals. Stray animal treatments, adoptions, feeding,vaccinations, veterinary surgeries and school awareness classes.  June,2023- Newsletter BI Please make a donation to help more animals . We are a registered non-profit...

Sick animal care, treatment and surgeries- Donate to charity

Donate to street animal rescue, treatment, vaccinations, sterilizations, feeding and their welfare.  Bark India Charitable Trust has been able to help 83 stray animals by rescuing and providing medical care, Animal Birth Control Surgeries, Other veterinary surgeries and outpatient services. Find the monthly activity of the Trust – attached PDF report January,2023 Newsletter

Animal welfare School Awareness in Pondicherry-Bark India Charitable Trust

Animal welfare School Awareness in Pondicherry-Bark India Charitable Trust

Believing today’s children would make a better tomorrow, we are glad to restart our school awareness campaingns again in Pondicherry to educate the children on animal welfare. Educating and creating awareness among children is inevitable and unavoidable matter to do for tomorrow’s human-animal friendly society, where humans and animals would co-exist in a sound environment...

Animal Rescue charity- donate for Indian stray animals

Thanks to everyone who supported sick animal rescue and treatment, Animal Birth Control Surgeries, Vaccinations, Animal Adoptions, Other veterinary surgeries, Vaccination camps and Stray animal feeding, in the month of November, 2022.         99 ownerless stray animals have been rescued, given admission and medical care at the rescue centre and hospital. 187 vaccinations...