Dog blood donation

Donate blood,save lives- Pet blood donation for dogs

Donating blood saves life in animals also as well as in humans. 

Do you have a pet dog/community dog who is friendly and healthy and weighs 25 KG or above? Would you like to save someone else’s pet/ a stray dog that is in immediate need of a blood transfusion to save its life? 

In the lack of an animal blood bank in Pondicherry, Bark India Charitable Trust creates a data base to connect blood donors and dogs who need blood, as we get a lot of enquries for blood donor dogs. A healthy dog can donate blood upto 6 times an year, under a veterinarian’s advice.

Blood donation does not harm your dog’s health but helps their body creating new blood. Blood taking is a simple 10-15 minutes process that collects the donor’s blood to transfuse to the recipient. 

Dog blood donation
dog blood doantion data bank

To register your dog as a blood donor, just send us a message on  whatsapp/call on 9487007552 or email us on [email protected]