Story of an abandoned dog- A Labrador says…

Story of an abandoned dog- A Labrador says…

This story is not only mine, but also of thousands of abandoned breed dogs. I know humans have no time for long stories, but I am writing this thinking of someone would come to give me a life and people would understand how we- abandoned dogs feel. 

Hi, I am Jack.

A 4 year old Labrador dog who was betrayed by my human. Like many other breed dogs, I was born to my mother who was in custody of a greedy breeder who made use of my mother as a mere puppy producing machine. Her whole life was inside a small kennel, often got impregnated forcefully to get pure breed puppies. She never knew love and freedom. Without knowing anything about the outside world, my siblings and myself were enjoying mother’s warmth and milk. Suddenly, one day, when we were hardly one month old, we were taken away from our mother and separated to a very small cage in a shop. We had no idea what was happening when people came and rated us. Some days passed and a family came to the shop. Paying ‘my price’ they bought me like a commodity from the shop and took me to their home.

Initially I was worried of my siblings, but as the humans started playing with me , I started forgetting everything else. I was very cute and they spent of lot of time with me. I got toys to play with. I was allowed even on their bed. I believed they would give me the best life. I started growing up. My chubby body changed, my small ears’ shape started changing and I was becoming a big boy. But I had no idea it would change my life. Declining my beauty caused my life in kennel. They put me inside a kennel . Again inside a small kennel. My beauty had been declining, my body got became weak and ticks started attacking me. I have not  even get proper food. Slowly my hair started falling. But no one cared.

One day my human parents took me on their motorcycle. I was very happy thinking that they would take me for a ride. They drove the vehicle and stopped somewhere. I could not understand where it is. Stopping the vehicle, my lady parent made me walk some steps and commanded me to stay there. While I stayed, she ran backward and got on the motorcycle and they moved away. It was dark night , strange place and I thought they would come back soon. I fall asleep waiting for them. 

In the morning, a gate was opened in front of me and some humans found me. They took me inside and gave me food and applied some medicines on my body. I wanted to tell them that I should wait outside as my human has commanded me to stay there and they would come back soon to take me. But by the time the new humans have found out from the CCTV camera that I was abandoned. I could not believe I am abandoned because I have not did anything wrong but only loved my owner. They brought me to a place where there were dozens of dogs inside kennels. I was wondering if everyone was abandoned like me. 

Later I understood that it was an animal rescue centre and hospital for animals and it was named Bark India. There were many dogs. Some were wounded, some had accidents, some had serious diseases. They treat all the street animals till they  recover and kind animal lovers donated food and sometimes medicines. Bark India started my medical treatment, they give me food, took me out for walking, loved me but my mind was still thinking about my home. Slowly I understood they would not come back. All dogs who were there for treatment went back to the places after treatment. But I had no place to go. I felt heartbroken when I see dogs go back to their homes or local care takers come to see their community dogs. I had no one. I dream of someone will come and take me to a loving home as a family member.

 Bark India has been trying to find a new home for me but nobody came. Everybody wanted me when I was a cute baby but no one wants me now. I have no where to go. No one to love. I can not go back to street and find  food myself as I never had been to street.  Please adopt an abandoned dog.

Please do not buy a dog. Each time you buy from a breeder, you are donating to animal abuse and losing the chance of another dog to live. Adopt. You people have enough choices but we do not have. Do not contribute to cruelty. Adopt a homeless pet.