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animal welfare Pondicherry

Help animals in the best way- Animal welfare

Animal welfare activities done in May, 2022. Animal rescues, Animal Birth Control surgeries, other animal surgeries, Adoptions, Stray animal feeding, outpatient treatments and vaccinations in and around Pondicherry , by Bark India Charitable Trust.  Rescue and treatment- 99 Animal Birth Control Surgeries- 60 Other Veterinary Surgeries   – 19 Animal adoptions- 2 Vaccinations – DHPPIL and...

Animal welfare and charity- Rescue, Treatment, Adoption and Animal Feeding

We are thankful to all for the year 2021 in which Bark India Charitable Trust was able to help many more animals than the previous year, by providing medical care, homes, and all about the welfare of street animals.                  Kindly contribute to the animal rescue charity and...

Mammary Gland Tumor dog surgery and recovery

Rescue Update: Blacky, the street dog found with mammary gland tumor at Kandappa Nagar, ECR – before and after surgery at Bark India hospital. Taken to Bark India by Mr. Sushant Gupta and Ms. Rituparna, the dog was admitted at Bark India rescue centre for treatment. The developing mammary gland tumor was removed through surgery...

Vaginal prolapse in dogs

Why Sterilization is Important in Preventing Prolapse

 Rescue of vaginal prolapse dog She was wandering through Pattanur, Tamil Nadu, with vaginal prolapse. In pain and discomfort , She use to disappear that made her rescue hard. After several days of effort, Mr. Mari located her, and got rescued by Bark India animal rescue team. vaginal prolapse, the projecting mass seems like a...

Severe Case of Maggot Infection- Animal rescue charitable organization

Severe Case of Maggot Infection- Animal rescue charitable organization

Warning: Sensitive Content With a huge wound on head full of live maggots inside, this dog was wandering from street to street in village at Kottakarai. Some villagers used to feed him but none bothered when he was this much affected with maggots. It’s very sad thing that nobody got their mind affected seeing him...

Puppy Rescue from Pondicherry University- Puppy Rescue & Treatment

Puppy Rescue from Pondicherry University- Puppy Rescue & Treatment

His tiny body was affected with so many maggot wounds , and rescued by our rescue team from Pondicherry University. Several live maggots were eating his body and he had no idea what was happening with him. He is admitted at Bark India Veterinary hospital, maggots got removed but found his body full of fly...

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