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Help Indian Strays- Animal Rescue charity

Help Indian Strays- Animal Rescue charity

March 2024 Newsletter is here!  Bark India is thrilled to share our latest accomplishments in our mission to rescue, treat, and care for our furry friends in need!  This month, we’ve been hard at work providing life-saving veterinary surgeries, ensuring every stray animal gets the care they deserve. With your support, we’ve also been able...

Animal welfare activities

Donate for sick strays- Help Animals in India

Every month is a way in helping more and more animals in need. Our area of activity is and number of rescue cases are increasing each day. An average of 3-4 stray animals are getting  admissions in single day at our veterinary hospital. We have been tirelessly working to make the life of strays better....

Help the medical care of strays

Help the medical care of strays

January 2023: A Month of Milestones in Animal Welfare   As we step into the new year, we at Bark India Charitable Trust are thrilled to share with you the highlights of January 2023, a month filled with significant achievements and heartfelt endeavors in animal welfare. Rescuing 121 Stray Animals: Amidst the hustle and bustle...

Everything about Canine Distemper(CD)- Symptoms,treatment, curability, prevention and vaccination

Everything about Canine Distemper(CD)- Symptoms,treatment, curability, prevention and vaccination

What is Canine Distemper? Canine Distemper virus is a viral disease that affects a range of mammals like dogs, foxes, wolves, felines, raccoons and a wide variety of animals. The highly contagious disesae is air spread that spreads from animal to animal. The virus attacks the nervous, respiratory and gastro-intestinal system of the affected animal....

Animal rescue and treatment

Support Animal rescue and treatment- Donate for animal charity

Interested in helping needy animals but not able to do it physically? Do not worry. Here you can help them by making a donation towards the well-being, feeding and medical care of hundreds of Indian stray animals who have no owner to take care of. Team Bark India is here to take care of suffering/sick/wounded...

Help Animals in India- 6000+ Rescues

Help Animals in India- 6000+ Rescues

We thank everyone who supported us in helping above 6000 stray animals in their food,admission and medical care in and around Pondicherry.  Have a look at the monthly report of Bark India Charitable Trust’s animal welfare activities done in the month March,2023. Your support has helped them in rescues, treatment, hospitalization, food, care, vaccinations, sterilization,...

Charity Animal Rescue- Help Indian strays

Working tirelessly for the sick,injured,wounded stray animals in and around Pondicherry (Puducherry), the year 2022 was a stepping stone on our way in helping the voiceless by the charity activities of rescue, treatment, medication, admission, feeding, adoptions, outpatient services, vaccinations, spaying and sterilization, veterinary medical camps, and school awareness campaigns.  Charity for animals have never...

Animal Rescue charity- donate for Indian stray animals

Thanks to everyone who supported sick animal rescue and treatment, Animal Birth Control Surgeries, Vaccinations, Animal Adoptions, Other veterinary surgeries, Vaccination camps and Stray animal feeding, in the month of November, 2022.         99 ownerless stray animals have been rescued, given admission and medical care at the rescue centre and hospital. 187 vaccinations...

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