Stray Dog Rescued from Pathetic wound

Stray Dog Rescued from Pathetic wound

It was on Tuesday we received a call from Ms. Camille for helping a dog whose neck was wounded. Our team immediately started to the spot and found the dog with something tight around the neck that caused deep wounds around. Rescued from Fertile community , Auroville, Pondicherry,  and brought to Bark India, he got admitted at our centre.

Stray dog with wounded neck     

The real sight of his neck was more shocking and horrifying than how it appeared. A tight iron wire ( similar to an animal trap wire) got stuck deep around into his flesh, cutting even the muscles. The wound eventually got infected with maggots , making the wound even bigger day by day. Our dedicated medical team examined and treated him with all the possible care and concern to eliminate his pain and discomfort.


It was really a challenging effort for our medical team to remove the wire without causing more pain.With careful effort, the wire was cut, maggots were removed, and the wound got cleaned and medicines given. He remains unable to eat and drink but we hope this fighter would pull through regardless of all the hardships he had in life.

Many thanks to Ms. Camille Leon and friends for helping the rescue and catching .

He might take months to regain health and to develop his tore muscles. You can contribute to his medical, food and surgery expenses of him by making a donation towards the cause.