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WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

2 weeks Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme was conducted at Bark India Charitable Trust , in association with Worldwide Veterinary Service ( WVS ) India- International Training Centre. 4 veterinary doctors and 3 veterinary assistants are trained for Animal Birth Control Surgery, according to international standards.   Strated on 23rd , August, 2021 to...

Use your CSR for the voiceless- Thanks to Swaashpet Polymers

Many thanks to Swaashpet polymers Pvt Ltd , a manufacturer of PET bottles and cosmetic containers, situated in A56 & A57 PIPDIC Industrial estate, Thirubhuvanai, Pondicherry. www.swaashpet.com They will be contributing a part of their profit to charity for animal treatment as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Thank you Swaashpet polymers Pvt. Ltd for...

Vaginal prolapse in dogs

Why Sterilization is Important in Preventing Prolapse

 Rescue of vaginal prolapse dog She was wandering through Pattanur, Tamil Nadu, with vaginal prolapse. In pain and discomfort , She use to disappear that made her rescue hard. After several days of effort, Mr. Mari located her, and got rescued by Bark India animal rescue team. vaginal prolapse, the projecting mass seems like a...