WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

WVS Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme – Bark India

2 weeks Animal Birth Control Surgical Training Programme was conducted at Bark India Charitable Trust , in association with Worldwide Veterinary Service ( WVS ) India- International Training Centre. 4 veterinary doctors and 3 veterinary assistants are trained for Animal Birth Control Surgery, according to international standards.


Day 1 of the training programme. Dr. Amanda and DR. Kritika delivers lectures on ABC.

Strated on 23rd , August, 2021 to 3rd September, 2021, 66 dogs are sterilised through spay and neuter at Bark India veterinary hospital . All animals received vaccinations and post- operative care after ABC. 




” It was an honour and we are glad to welcome team WVS here. Special thanks to Dr. Amanda and Dr. Kritika for training the vets to meet international standard in doing Animal Birth Control surgeries. Thanks to WVS India for choosing Bark India as the centre for the training. We thanks for your wonderful support. ”Says Mr. Solairajan, Founder of Bark India. 


Dr. Ravivarman S, Dr. Arunthathi R, Dr. Vengadesh and Dr. Deepan , and Mr. Vishnu K.P, Ms. Shravanee and Mr. Karthikan are certified by the training. 



Thanks to all who supported the programme and special thanks to IACC-  Integrated Animal Care Centre, Auroville  for all the support. 


Bark India team is with WVS Team