Injured Cow Rescue- Animal Rescue NGO

Injured Cow Rescue- Animal Rescue NGO

Being an animal welfare organisation, we understand the suffering and pain of all animals- not only of just dogs and cats. 

With fatal injuries, this calf was found near Moratandi tollgate , Tamil Nadu- Pondicherry boarder, as an unknown vehicle hit him and left out of help for hours. Bleeding from nose and huge wound on rump area, the calf’s body was badly wounded all over. 

rescued cow
Injured cow rescued by Bark India animal rescue team


Bark India veterinary doctors treat the injured cow at the rescue centre
The calf that had fatal injuries is drinking after treatment

Rescued by Bark India rescue team to Bark India rescue centre, the calf was given first aid and the huge open wound and other wounds on body were sutured. Medications and food were given and the cow is still in critical condition only. He is shifted to the nearby Gaushala after 2 days at Bark India, for better care and treatment. 


Please be careful while you drive. Animals suffer and they can not even ask for their help. 

Lets be careful and compassionate.