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Feed Starving Strays! Donate Today

Feed Starving Strays! Donate Today

The whole country is facing acute problems of increased Covid 19 cases and rigorous lockdown.  Around 40-45 million stray dogs in India who are depended on human resources  of food waste, are starving during lockdown in the absence of restaurants and people who used to feed. Many parts of the country are facing rigid lockdown...

Mammary Gland Tumor dog surgery and recovery

Rescue Update: Blacky, the street dog found with mammary gland tumor at Kandappa Nagar, ECR – before and after surgery at Bark India hospital. Taken to Bark India by Mr. Sushant Gupta and Ms. Rituparna, the dog was admitted at Bark India rescue centre for treatment. The developing mammary gland tumor was removed through surgery...

Volunteer Veterinarian – Veterinarians are welcome

Volunteer Veterinarian – Veterinarians are welcome

Much thanks to Dr. Ruokuoneinuo Yhome from Kohima, Nagaland, for your valuable and dedicated time you spent for volunteering in Bark India Veterinary hospital and rescue centre. She had been at Bark India for 10 days in helping animal treatment and caring.  Thanks to your commitment and dedication in caring the sick stray animals. Your...

Use your CSR for the voiceless- Thanks to Swaashpet Polymers

Many thanks to Swaashpet polymers Pvt Ltd , a manufacturer of PET bottles and cosmetic containers, situated in A56 & A57 PIPDIC Industrial estate, Thirubhuvanai, Pondicherry. They will be contributing a part of their profit to charity for animal treatment as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Thank you Swaashpet polymers Pvt. Ltd for...

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