Animal Rescue charity- donate for Indian stray animals

Thanks to everyone who supported sick animal rescue and treatment, Animal Birth Control Surgeries, Vaccinations, Animal Adoptions, Other veterinary surgeries, Vaccination camps and Stray animal feeding, in the month of November, 2022.


99 ownerless stray animals have been rescued, given admission and medical care at the rescue centre and hospital. 187 vaccinations have been done and 52 animal birth control surgeries of dogs and cats were done. 


Apart from spay and castration, 14 other veterinary surgeries are done successfully at Bark India hospita, in which 2 amputation, 4 tumor surgeries, 2 eye surgeries, 2 rthopedic surgeries, 2 hematoma and 2 other major surgeries include. 5 puppies from our rescue centre have been adopted to their forever happy homes, after treatment. 83 animals are treated as outpatients in which 73 are dogs, 9 cats and 1 bird is there.