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Animal rescue charity India

Stray animal rescue charity- How you can help needy animals

We thank you for the immense support provided in the month of October 2022, in helping stray animals. Among millions of stray dogs and other animals in India, a few but the neediest have been rescued and given the best possible care in and around Pondicherry.  Every day is new in helping animals with different...

Veterinary Internship- Welcome to veterinarians

Veterinary Internship- Welcome to veterinarians

The first batch of veterinary interns from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research completed their internship at Bark India Charitable Trust.    It was the first time from Puducherry veterinary college, final year BVSc students were sent to a Non- Government Organization to do their internship, and Bark India is happy to be...

Dog leg pinning surgery and post-operative care- Charity for stray dogs

The dog who got rescued from Patel Salai, Pondicherry, with a fracture on hind leg is getting back to normal health. She was rescued and transported to Bark India veterinary hospital by Mr Rohit Shankar. She was in pain and unable to move as result of an accident she had.   A major fracture of...