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Sometimes all we need from animals is nothing but their forgiveness. Meet Ashy, avictim of human cruelty. 

Yesterday we were reporeted about a puppy who was brutally hit on her jaw by a human, left alone on the street in the hot weather. When brought to Bark India Veterinary Hospital, the puppy was hyperthermic, crying in pain, weak and unable to wake up.

Stray dog hit by humans Veterinary hospital Pondicherry- puppy treatment

Immediately first aid was given and measures were taken to reduce the high body temporature. After half an hour of care and concern, our veteriary team managed to stabilize the puppy. An x-ray was taken. Even though her jaw is not broken,the puppy still remains unable to drink or eat but keeping her on fluids. 


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Thank you Mr. Ramesh for bringing the puppy to us. Ashy is admitted at our rescue centre and we hope she pulls through.