Thanks for helping animals- November 2020

Thanks to everyone who supported us in helping them.

Animal Rescue activities
The animal rescue, treatment, and other charity activities of November 2020

With all support and help from the most kind hearted animal lovers, Bark India Charitable Trust rescued/ admitted 101 animals ( 1 bird, 5 cats, 95 dogs), 34 animals ( 29 dogs, 5 cats) got sterilized, 123 animals got vaccinated, 2 dogs found their happy homes and 3 other major surgeries ( 1 amputation, 1 tumor, 1 orthopedic pinning) are done.

     We express our sincere thanks to each and everyone who has helped in rescues, supported us with monetary and donations in kind.
Even smaller helps make great changes.

We anticipate your support in helping more needy animals.