Corporate Sponsorship- Carolina Wellness Centres LLC

Corporate Sponsorship- Carolina Wellness Centres LLC

We are proud to have the Corporate sponsorship  support of Carolina Wellness Centres LLC, in helping the stray animal medical care. The socially committed Organisation helps in recovery of people who are struggling from every type of behavioural health condition by offering or securing every possible intervention , with the intention of recovery, not treatment.                                                                             


The Organization would help us providing better medical care by contributing to the monthly medicine expenses. We are thrilled and glad to have your support and thanking Mr. Dr. Ramesh Krishnaraj and Mr.Dr. Corey Richardson, CEO,ICGH.


Dr. Corey Richadson , CEO,ICGH with daughters Ella and Addie
Dr. Richardson’s daughter Ella Rose with their 4 legged babies Ripley and Ko
Dr. Ramesh Krishnaraj
Dr. Ramesh with his wife Teresa Krishnaraj RN with their baby Lexie



Remembering Tara Elizabeth Kincaid, Hanna Marie Kincaid who were avid animal lovers who rescued countless animals over the years., for their uncompromised love for animals.

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