Human Cruelty Victim Dog- Transformation and New Life

Human Cruelty Victim Dog- Transformation and New Life

Bark India is delighted to inform you all about the street dog who was about to meet death by ruthless humans.

A group of people were mercilessly dragging him with thick wire attached to his collar. They were going to drop him down from the Villianur bridge, as the dog was very weak, had maggot wounds and no longer handsome.

Just a few seconds away from his death, Mr Ashok Raj and Mr Vishnuvarthan found the people dragging him and took the dog to Bark India.

Bark India did his blood test, cleaned wounds and provided medical care. With good food , vaccination and medication, he regained his health and wounds are healed.  

After treatment, Mr Vishnu has taken him back and now providing personal care for a week. After that he will be shifted to a dog feeder where the dog will be happily living his rest of life as a community dog. Thank you Vishnu for trying the best for him.

 Team Bark India wishes him a very happy and comfortable life through which he would forget the cruelties he undergone.