Dog leg pinning surgery and post-operative care- Charity for stray dogs

The dog who got rescued from Patel Salai, Pondicherry, with a fracture on hind leg is getting back to normal health.

She was rescued and transported to Bark India veterinary hospital by Mr Rohit Shankar. She was in pain and unable to move as result of an accident she had.


A major fracture of hind leg thigh was found in the x-ray taken at Bark India. 

She was given good food and vitamin supplements for a week to improve health and a long surgery of 2 hours has been done at our hospital by Dr Gurunath ( Veterinary surgeon ), Dr E Vijay and Dr Prasad.

Finally, the broken thigh bones were pinned successfully and the dog is under post- operative care at Bark India rescue centre. Thanks to all doctors for trying hard for the street fur kid.

She will be released back to her place when she can walk on four legs in good health, sterilized and vaccinated.