Mammary Gland Tumor dog surgery and recovery

Rescue Update:
Blacky, the street dog found with mammary gland tumor at Kandappa Nagar, ECR – before and after surgery at Bark India hospital.

Taken to Bark India by Mr. Sushant Gupta and Ms. Rituparna, the dog was admitted at Bark India rescue centre for treatment.
The developing mammary gland tumor was removed through surgery and she was under medication at Bark India.


Dog with mammary tumor
Mammary tumor dog is at Bark India Veterinary hospital for surgery.

Mammary tumors vary in size, shape and consistency. They comes as movable or attached to inside tissue. Some dogs develop a single tumor in one gland and some  others  may develop multiple tumors in different glands or even in the same gland. Mammary tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous.

Thanks to Mr. Sushant Gupta for the transportation, care, and taking her back to her place and donation for her treatment. Your support is very much appreciated.
Thanks to Ms.Shalini Kumar for donating for her surgery expenses.