stray dog feeding

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The whole country is facing acute problems of increased Covid 19 cases and rigorous lockdown.  Around 40-45 million stray dogs in India who are depended on human resources  of food waste, are starving during lockdown in the absence of restaurants and people who used to feed. Many parts of the country are facing rigid lockdown and animal feeders face much restrictions to travel around for feeding strays.  

During last year lockdown in 2020, knowing the pathetic condition of strays, Bark India Charitable Trust Started our 6th animal welfare programme- Stray dog feeding. Even after lockdown, we feed 300 stray dogs every night. 



Feeding stray dogs in Pattanur, Tamil Nadu

In the second wave of covid lockdown, strays are more harmfully affected without food or water. In hunger, thousands die and fight for the rare resources they find. Many get wounds, fractures and serious illness in such bites and many die or some develop maggot wounds in such wounds. 

Starving to death is a severe condition than we imagine. These innocent beings can not make money, store essentials or even unaware why humans do not come out and why they do not get food. 

Preparing food for stray animals at Bark India Charitable Trust

Understanding and witnessing the situations, Bark India Feeds an addition of 250 dogs a day, ie, total 550 stray animals in each single day, using 85 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of vegetables, 1 kg of coconut oil, chicken leftovers and turmeric powder. We also placed water bowls in different parts of Pondicherry city. 

feeding in Sedarapet, Pondicherry

Our team of volunteers and staff feed strays in their territories every night at different parts of Pondicherry city and nearby Tamil Nadu industrial areas. It covers almost all areas of Pondicherry and Tamilnadu areas of Vanur, Mettupalayam etc. 

With the support of many kind hearted animal lovers, we continue to feed strays to give them some healthy food that would help them to stay alive for the hard times.  



Be the reason to fill their stomach atleast once a day. Donate today for stray dog feeding programme. Your support help us to feed more hungry stomachs.