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7000 Stray Animal Rescues- Bark India

7000 Stray Animal Rescues- Bark India

On August 18th, 2015, our journey began, fueled by compassion and a commitment to make a difference in the lives of stray animals. Today, we are overjoyed to announce that we have successfully rescued 7000 strays, thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible community!     From the outset, our focus has been on...

donate food for stray animals

Donate food to stray animals- Help Indie cats and dogs

Are you about to celebrate a special day of yourself or your dear ones? Would like to celebrate your special day by helping someone who needs your help? Here you go to help the hundreds of rescued animals-dogs and cats to help them during their medical care. Donate dog and cat foods to fill the ...

October 12, 2023October 16, 2023In Updates
Animal rescue and treatment

Support Animal rescue and treatment- Donate for animal charity

Interested in helping needy animals but not able to do it physically? Do not worry. Here you can help them by making a donation towards the well-being, feeding and medical care of hundreds of Indian stray animals who have no owner to take care of. Team Bark India is here to take care of suffering/sick/wounded...

Charity Animal Rescue- Help Indian strays

Working tirelessly for the sick,injured,wounded stray animals in and around Pondicherry (Puducherry), the year 2022 was a stepping stone on our way in helping the voiceless by the charity activities of rescue, treatment, medication, admission, feeding, adoptions, outpatient services, vaccinations, spaying and sterilization, veterinary medical camps, and school awareness campaigns.  Charity for animals have never...

stray dog feeding

Feed Starving Strays! Donate Today

The whole country is facing acute problems of increased Covid 19 cases and rigorous lockdown.  Around 40-45 million stray dogs in India who are depended on human resources  of food waste, are starving during lockdown in the absence of restaurants and people who used to feed. Many parts of the country are facing rigid lockdown...

Sick Crow Rescue- Bird Rescue and Treatment in Puducherry

Sick Crow Rescue- Bird Rescue and Treatment in Puducherry

S/he has been found at Reddiyarpalayam, Pondicherry, with its neck long and hanging down. S/he can not fly or walk normally as the neck is down. Taken to Bark India veterinary hospital by Mr. Ganesan, the crow is admitted at our rescue centre for treatment and getting better with medication and care by our veterinarian...

October 27, 2020October 27, 2020In Updates
Maggot wound dog rescue and recovery- Veterinary hospital for stray dog treatment

Maggot wound dog rescue and recovery- Veterinary hospital for stray dog treatment

The stray dog rescued from Uppalam, Puducherry, with maggots made wound on neck and head- before and after treatment at Bark India veterinary hospital located at Pattanur, Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.   After free treatment, vaccination and sterilisation, the dog is happily back to his own territory. Bark India believes in release of strays after treatment,...