Donate for animal rescue

Animal Welfare Activities goes on – January 2021

Thanks to everyone who has supported us for animal rescues and other welfare activities during the month of January 2021. 

Bark India Charitable Trust is happy that we helped 100 animals ( 4 cats, 95 dogs, 1 bird ) by rescuing and providing treatment at our rescue centre and veterinary hospital. 55 animals ( 6 cats and 49 dogs ) got sterilized and vaccinated, 3 animals ( 2 dogs, 1 cat ) got adopted , 300 stray dogs get food everyday, 8 other surgeries ( 2 tumor, 4 orthopedic, 2 abdominal ) were done and 31 stray animals got treatment as outpatients. 

Stray animal rescue, treatment and welafre activities.

Thanks to all the animal lovers and compassionate donors who supports us with donation of food and veterinary medicines/ supplements and other supplies for the sick stray animals. 

No help is too small. Every single donation you do , make a permanent change in the life of an ownerless stray animal.