Shining world Compassion Award

Shining World Compassion Award – An Accolade to Charity for stray animals


Bark India Charitable Trust has been recognized with Shining World Compassion Award by The supreme Master Ching Hai from Taiwan. We share the happiness and proud of becoming one among the dozen of people in India who receives this award. The award has been given to Mr. N. Solairajan, for Bark India Charitable Trust. 

Shining World Compassion Award
Bark India Charitable Trust, Pondicherry, receives Shining World Compassion Award by Supreme Master Ching Hai from Taiwan, in 2021.


”  It is a moment of great happiness and recognition to be presented such a great award for our activities for stray animals.  Being the civilized section of society, I believe in humans’ responsibility to help the weaker and  fellow animals who are in need of our help. True meaning of life resides in helping others. I am very much grateful to The Supreme Master and The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for selecting us for the award for our charity activities . It inspires and encourages us to help more strays in need and the charity will be continued by animal rescue and treatment, stray animal feeding, adoptions, community medical camps, sterilisation programme and awareness programmes. ”, says Mr. N. Solairajan, Founder and Managing Trustee of Bark India Charitable Trust. 


Mr. Solairajan is with the award
Mr. Solairajan N. carries Shining World Compassion Award


Bark India’s animal welfare activities of  stray dog feeding that started during the lockdown period, and extended later that feeds 300 hungry strays everyday, sick animal rescue and treatment in and around Pondicherry, Sterilization of street animals for the humane reduction of population, Adoption program to find loving and caring forever homes for stray animals, community services of free vaccination/ medical treatment in rural areas and awareness camps in community and institutions. 


Metal plaque and letter frame of award
The metal Plaque and letter frame of Shining World Compassion Award to Bark India Charitable Trust , Pondicherry, India.

Till date 3027 stray animals got rescued and provided admission and medical care . Welfare of Animals continues to help the needy strays at the veterinary hospital and rescue centre.