Veterinary surgery of stray dogs in Pondicherry – Charitable hospital for dog surgery

Veterinary surgeries are inevitable in recovery of rescued animals who had accidents, bone fractures, tumors etc. When animal lovers and rescuers find it difficult to meet the cost of surgery for stray/ street/ community dogs, Bark India offers our support to those street animals who have no one to take care . Bark India veterinary hospital does orthopedic and tumor surgeries of dogs and cats. 

Mammary gland tumor dog before surgery

This street dog rescued from Pondicherry beach with fracture on front leg and mammary gland tumor, had a surgery at our veterinary hospital. The tumor is removed by the successful surgery done by veterinary surgeon Dr. Gurunath and Dr. E Vijay.

Mammary gland tumor dog after treatment.

She gets post-operative care and medication at our rescue centre.