Vaginal prolapse in dogs

Why Sterilization is Important in Preventing Prolapse

 Rescue of vaginal prolapse dog

She was wandering through Pattanur, Tamil Nadu, with vaginal prolapse. In pain and discomfort , She use to disappear that made her rescue hard. After several days of effort, Mr. Mari located her, and got rescued by Bark India animal rescue team.

vaginal prolapse, the projecting mass seems like a fast-developing tumor. Vaginal prolapse is seen in unspayed dogs. Even if the prolapse is recovered with treatment , there are chances of recurrence if the dog remains unspayed.
Along with genetics, vaginal hyperplasia, a condition that causes inflammation of the vaginal wall, can be the reason of prolapse. Spaying evidently reduces prolapse in dogs.

The dog is admitted at our rescue centre and under medical observation by our veterinarian. Thank you Mr. Mari for helping the rescue and locating the dog.